Support Your
Inner Strength.

Through practical tools, engaging activities and real-world lessons, Mevii helps you develop the skills to manage your emotions, solve problems, strengthen relationships, and develop mindfulness.


Video Scenarios

Real-life scenarios that provide easy-to-understand guidance.


Self-Reflection Journal

Write down your moods and thoughts, then review, reflect and grow.


Relaxation Exercises

Meditation tips, breathing exercises and more—helping you manage emotional distress.


Ask Mevii

Like a real conversation, Mevii can respond to your needs with relevant resources.


Mindfulness Techniques

Be more present in your life by being more aware of your thoughts and emotions.


Interactive Activities

Practice what you learn and stay motivated with engaging activities.

Based On Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Focused On Your Health.

Mevii isn’t simply an activity tracker or quick-fix stress relief app. It is a complete program that’s rooted in cognitive-behavioral techniques shown to help individuals cope with real-life challenges, pressures, and situations in a healthy way. Our approach takes a holistic view of your whole health, empowering you to address the emotional, social, and physical factors that impact your day-to-day life.

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